Friday, October 4, 2013

PrC is finished.

I'm done with this hanging over my head. The original PrC is finished and I'm putting it to pasture. You'll note the new links over to the left there. It's no longer an alpha build and the source is right below it. I'm also not storing it at GameFront anymore. They've changed their policies on file storage and it's not as "safe" as mediafire. In any case, the only change is the item drops/steals now work the way they should. There are probably some other things I should do to it, but it works with most of what it does. The AI editing may not be perfect, but that's what the source is for. It never really worked the way I wanted and I've probably been doing it wrong all along. Oh well, PrCMDI will come along eventually to realize my dream so put up with this for now. :) If you don't want to put up with this, then rebuild it! :D On a completely unrelated note, WM just had a birthday/release-day) so I did too. My outstandingly awesome wife got me a present that I really wanted, but didn't want anyone to actually buy for me. :) Did I mention she's awesome? 'Cause she is. OK, she got me the Wii U Wind Waker bundle AND three games! Yeah, awesome!! :) She may have gotten it to shut me up about it though.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I AM still alive

I'm trying to put the final touches on WM and put it out to pasture. Someone a while back suggested that I show previews of the growth curves as represented with HP, MP, stat, and Exp gains. I was exploring that option yesterday when I came to a realization: I wrote HORRIBLE code to handle that. The entire time I was writing WM it was with the assumption that I was controlling everything from the main form and all code should reside there. This has been proven to be a terrible practice for legacy code handling and it just became a God Class. I have proven the folly in God Classes with what I'm now trying to do and, now to make a long story short, will have to completely re-write the whole stat indicator thing. This may mean it takes a LONG time to do as I am increasing losing time to devote to either WM or PrCMDI. It will get done one day. After that, it's xml-based labels and values and I'm done with it. I'll release it with the source and someone else can have a go at it if they want.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Restore Type revisit

Remember way back when I wrote on the Restore Type and not really know what it does. Well, I know what it does now. I can't believe that I hadn't noticed this before. I'm a bit dumb-founded that no one clued me in to this or that I just never saw it or whatever. It determines a small window that comes up in battle that shows HP, MP, or Status of the player characters.
So get this, try to use a Potion in battle and the item menu is so large you can't see your characters' HP. So a small window comes up indicating current & max HP. This is determined by the Restore Type value. The Ether will bring up a similar window with MP and most status curing actions (eg. Hyper) will bring up a window that will cycle statuses that the characters have.

Except now that I know what it is, I don't know what to call it. "Status window"? "Party Detail window"? "Affecting Type Window"? It's just a little vague on what I should call it. I'd like it to be short and sweet to fit as a label in WM & PrC. Anyone have a better suggestion?

EDIT: I'm calling it "Party Condition Sub-menu" or just "Condition Sub-menu". I think that's descriptive enough.

Friday, April 12, 2013


So I'm apparently getting spammed in the comments sections. Don't think too much of it. I'll mark them as spam when I see them and they'll get deleted. I actually did make a little progress on PrC the other day. I have a working method of assigning actions, animations, and cameras to an enemy. What I REALLY want is a way to make a preview of that for the user. I can display the individual pieces of the models with textures on them, but the animation still doesn't make any sense to me. That and camera scripts aren't wholly understood so I couldn't guarantee that any preview of that would be correct. This would also mean loading up more files in memory. Not a difficult feat, but time consuming. I also thought about adding in action effects, but they are grouped in the exe rather than the archive so that's probably out. It'll be slow going from here on out. I'm still doing bits and pieces of things to it so this project will be alive until I'm done or dead.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not related...

So yesterday, my not-yet-17mo daughter got a hold of one of my PSP cases that had a game in it. Somehow she got the case open, got the game out and closed the case. So what is the first thing she decides to do with her new treasures? She puts the game in her mouth (thankfully psp games are very hard to damage by physical contact) and begins shaking the case up and down while shaking her head side to side. She apparently thinks this is the funniest thing she's ever done by herself and begins giggling like crazy at this new coordination she didn't know she had. My wife (who is the only one with her) hears this and realizes something suspicious is going on and promptly takes both things away and calls me at work to tell me to put my things up. I can't help but laugh that it happened and be sad that I don't have any evidence of it other than her word. This is likely the funniest thing she'll do all year and I missed it. :(

Friday, January 18, 2013

After how many months...

Finally got around to opening PrCMDI's source and started tinkering again. Biggest reason why I didn't do anything before is I was crashing the designer with a custom control that I finally figured out was creating an infinite loop. I've since solved this and all attack data is correctly being processed by the appropriate window. I'm going to finish the enemy data window next. That probably won't take as long now that SpooX has posted a pretty recent PDF with the contents of the wiki. After that it's formations then a lot of GUI cleaning before a public beta! It sounds like fewer steps than it is so be patient. :) WM is fairing pretty well, but the source is in terrible shape. I mean, which would you rather have? A single 448K file with 80% of the source code in it or 28 organized files totaling 286K containing all the source in it? Needless to say it's very difficult to navigate and find where certain things are happening that need changing. Still, it's mostly ready for release. After two more adjustments it's done and I'm finished with it.