Monday, November 26, 2012

Removing Dependencies

Partially based on a not too friendly conversation I had with a user about this, I'm going to remove WM's dependency on the VB Power Packs. I didn't like using them for only a minor graphical flair so I'm switching to the more acceptable practice of using the Graphics class to draw lines (which I should have done in the beginning). This will be implemented in the final WM version which will also accompany the releasing of the source for WM and PrC. Don't think that's wholly a good thing. The more I look at the code in WM the more I hate it. It's full of bad coding practices, commented code, not documented, etc. It's not a good example of my coding ethics today. There's still the possibility of implementing xml with it, but that will take time to hunt down all the text I want to be changeable. PrCMDI will continue to be closed source.