Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Progress is being made....

I'm struggling with getting this new feature to work. I didn't pre-write it this time because I need real data to test with. This requires replacing one form object with another and sort of "gimmicking" my way through getting them to work together. Most of the code I wrote originally was with the understanding that it would read data directly from the grid that you enter data on. Now it's going to be storing data in a different way and I have to re-write whole sections of code. That means not only do I have to write 200+ lines of code to handle a different data type, but I have to do it in a way that takes data from a new data structure. It's currently mostly lame as it is and I'm likely going to re-write it to be more processor friendly. *sigh* The work of genius is never complete. :(

EDIT: I'm making better progress now. Currently when you want to change something in, say, Eligor's Main script, you have to wait over 5 seconds for the changes to happen. This is because it's changing all the jump addresses for you (albeit, not very efficiently)
Now, because of the new structure I'm using it took a grand total of .765 seconds! That's going through the entire script about 160 times replacing jump addresses.

Friday, April 16, 2010

So color me an idiot....

I just learned today that the opening credits to FF7 (where they play the prelude and all) is actually present in the PC version! I'm not a patient person when it comes to intro screens so I just try to get through them. You can cancel the entire intro sequence starting with the Eidos logo vid. If that Video doesn't load then it just goes straight to the "New Game/Continue" screen. I never let it get past that Eidos logo before canceling it. I thought it would go straight into the credits part, but it skips that too! So the prelude actually is in the PC version. For the past, what? 12 years of owning this?, I never knew!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Now WINE flavored....

Of all the things I keep getting amazed by, someone found out how to install the .NET runtimes on WINE. Now WM and PrC can work in Linux!

Check it in action:
WM: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm9VmQkvgSs
PrC: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mVuE_H7iUg4

It even clued me into a few errors in PrC's checking of the KERNEL.BIN file. I thought it was a WINE thing. Some of those errors are so I can't fix them. It's also really slow displaying all those controls. I think this is a WINE thing (or maybe a framework thing since he's using 2.0 and it is *supposed* to require 3.5) so, again, nothing I can do about it.

Either way, now our Linux pals can enjoy these. :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Getting closer to a new feature for PrC!

So as per Terence Fergusson's post about Battle Specific AI I've created a new function to allow the editing of such. All it does at the moment is view the AI.

Check it out!

A few things about WM are fixed, but not yet released.
1. Now the objects won't stay disabled when moving from attack tab to another tab if the attack's index is greater than 127.
2. Item Cams now show the correct camera anim index (they were incorrect in a few instances I hope no one ran into). They are saving correctly in version 1.4.0, it's just switching between tabs that might cause a few problems.
3. TFergusson also clued me into why his and my HP values weren't agreeing (see aforementioned post). I was performing the entire calculation in floating point scope until the end. That apparently changes the range of values quite a bit. After I rounded a specific number down I got much closer to his numbers. I'm not spot-on because "achieving max HP requires that you must take lower than max gains at some levels...." This is apparently true also for some min values. However, I don't really care enough to go through EVERY permutation looking for the highest and lowest values per level. For some levels that would mean following almost a thousand potential branches. The projected ranges are now within 8 HP (in most cases 5 or less) of his calculated values at level 99 so I don't really see a need to get mine to sync perfectly with his. His are more accurate, but WM's are only for a general idea of how the stats will increase.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A little side-note

So I was screwing around with the co.bin after being pointed to it by Terence Fergusson as being the source of the slots and images. I've managed to make a simple extractor of the slots and the images. It has no applications at the moment, but I might be convinced to turn it into a simple slot editor. It wouldn't change the way the slots worked, but it might be funny to change things up on the player; Making them think they're getting "Restore HP" and really Breaking Items or something or just making all the images the same and not showing what effects they have! :D