Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I AM still alive

I'm trying to put the final touches on WM and put it out to pasture. Someone a while back suggested that I show previews of the growth curves as represented with HP, MP, stat, and Exp gains. I was exploring that option yesterday when I came to a realization: I wrote HORRIBLE code to handle that. The entire time I was writing WM it was with the assumption that I was controlling everything from the main form and all code should reside there. This has been proven to be a terrible practice for legacy code handling and it just became a God Class. I have proven the folly in God Classes with what I'm now trying to do and, now to make a long story short, will have to completely re-write the whole stat indicator thing. This may mean it takes a LONG time to do as I am increasing losing time to devote to either WM or PrCMDI. It will get done one day. After that, it's xml-based labels and values and I'm done with it. I'll release it with the source and someone else can have a go at it if they want.