Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Proud Clod at least...

So I added a few new things to PrC to make it a little more convenient. First, and most importantly, it can now use the Windows Clipboard to copy-paste! The documentation doesn't reflect this yet, but the function's there. The format must look more or less like the code displayed in the AI window. Each opcode gets its own line and values associated with that opcode must be the last few characters on the line depending on the code.

12 2060
10 4000
60 01

that copy-pastes just fine as.... kill script owner, basically. ;) The following variations also work:

12 89789985 2060
10 check me out! 4000

copying that should also result in successful pasteing. A few more things have been added and not documented:
"Check attacks" button in AI editing should show you any potential conflicts in using the 92 (Perform Action) code. There are some things it won't catch, but it should be able to tell you if you try to use an attack that the enemy doesn't have access to or if the animation isn't set for.
On a related note, the allowed attacks lists have changed slightly. Now it shows the attack index (like I said it would) so you can distinguish between identical named attacks.

Have fun! Let me know if anything's wrong.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Next thing...

I'm going to start working on a way to use the clipboard while editing AI. It's a LONG process, entering all that code, and no one REALLY wants to do it more than once if they can help it. Probably after this feature is working I'll release new versions with the fixes I've mentioned before.

Well....copying is the easy part. Took me five minutes max. Pasteing's a little harder. The string will have to be checked and parsed before injecting it into the code. I can do it in a few minutes, likely.

Monday, November 2, 2009


Someone pointed out a little WM bug to me (that's likely been around since 1.2) that'll need to get fixed. Simple enough fix too. I'm also likely going to add attack index to the animations tab so users won't have to guess at which "Pyramid" attack Reno's using. It won't tell which direction he's facing, but at least people will know that he's not attempting to face the same direction every time.

Actually, they're three different attacks so the AI knows which Pyramid to summon. That's hardly important to the issue, though.