Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What's holding this back....

So I've dropped hints along the way that the next versions of WM and PrC are going to be better than they are right now. This is true. They will. ;) But what's holding them back?

Well, I want to release them at the same time. WM isn't having any significant change other than it will let you choose the damage equation more easily. PrC is going to see a wealth of change, but it's going through some testing right now. All I have to do is make this become this and it's smooth sailing the rest of the way. For those that don't know, that first picture is probably the hardest part. Everything else is positioning and rotating.
It can already display the battle backgrounds fairly well too since they (at least most) don't really have any animations. Textures' transparencies aren't being handled correctly, but I think that's a known flaw in the way DX9 handles textures and transparencies. There's also some gradient blurring effects going on that I'm not going to mess with. I just want to be able to produce correct-looking models for the battle preview.

That and the disassembly of AI is taking a new turn and not looking right. I still have some work to do on that. That's probably going to be a cake-walk compared to getting these models to display correctly.