Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Check it out....

Nearly a full month's time gone and hardly a single line of code written. *sigh* Well, the good news is that I'm just a few hours away from being finished with my last undergraduate class of my life. I've got the final to take this afternoon so I'll be burdened by one less thing in life.

Speaking of life, my daughter is finally getting to that six month mellow period. We've started sleep training and it's going surprisingly well. She had a rough night the first night, but she got better the next few nights. Her naps seem to have gotten better too. She was taking four or five less-than-hour-long naps before and since we started making her sleep in her crib she has taken at least one hour-and-a-half long nap per day. Yesterday was the first time she got over four hours in three naps. :D Non-parents and parents of normally sleepy babies wouldn't understand, but this is a big milestone for all of us.

Anyway, back to PrCMDI! I've had many long nights thinking up a strategy for what I want to do with it. First of all will be save files that are NOT scene.bin files. That will open up the possibility for a lot of features like saved histories, comments, and just a bunch of other things. That will make saving and distributing changes super easy compared to how it is now. This way you won't have to compile the scene.bin and compare it to an original one. You'll still be able to compile the data into a scene.bin, but the raw data save will keep the data much better organized.
I'm also still super happy with the way it's being organized now. The current PrC and WM are just these massive classes that handle the data and are interdependent on each other. PrCMDI already has a dozen individualized modular classes that only raise events to each other. I'd like to get most of the code off of the form classes like they are now and concentrate solely on display from there.

Oh yeah. Bosola also suggested some helpful changes to WM so I might be adding those in soon. I might re-write WM again too. It would still look about the same, but the code needs a lot of untangling.