Friday, April 12, 2013


So I'm apparently getting spammed in the comments sections. Don't think too much of it. I'll mark them as spam when I see them and they'll get deleted. I actually did make a little progress on PrC the other day. I have a working method of assigning actions, animations, and cameras to an enemy. What I REALLY want is a way to make a preview of that for the user. I can display the individual pieces of the models with textures on them, but the animation still doesn't make any sense to me. That and camera scripts aren't wholly understood so I couldn't guarantee that any preview of that would be correct. This would also mean loading up more files in memory. Not a difficult feat, but time consuming. I also thought about adding in action effects, but they are grouped in the exe rather than the archive so that's probably out. It'll be slow going from here on out. I'm still doing bits and pieces of things to it so this project will be alive until I'm done or dead.

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