Tuesday, January 13, 2015

So now I'm, what, nearly a YEAR behind. :(

Let me tell ya what's been happening that's prevented me from doing further work on this. First of all, I've been working on the 60fps project and gotten a lot of good details for it. That's taken most of my free time that I would have devoted to coding for the next and final WM update or continuing on PrCMDI. I managed to slow the effects to make them not play at 4x speed, but they're still essentially in their 15fps glory. That caused the summons to go all wacky, however. I tracked that down and fixed part of it only to realize that the summons are drawn as models and get redrawn per frame they are told. I still haven't isolated where that drawing comes into play so they tend to disappear. Also, I've got a slew of animation script "fixes" to make some other effects be in the same 15fps mock-up. Unfortunately, the list isn't complete so I don't know how many I still have left to alter. Now, for the main problem I've been having. Last May I got a new HDD for my laptop (which is what I do all this programming and reversing on in case you didn't know). I went from the 650GB that HP packaged with the machine I have to a 1TB I bought from Best Buy. Pretty slick I thought. Well, only sort of. I had to reinstall my OS and all the drivers (of course) and all my programs. When that happened, my video card decided to start retiring. At first it seemed like a driver issue, but replacing the original HDD gave the same errors I was getting before. Well that can't be a software issue then, eh? Over the next several months it just got worse and worse at deciding it didn't want to work. So I finally got a replacement System Board for Christmas (a weird thing on my list to be sure) and lo and behold IT has the same problem! I convinced the people that it was purchased from that I do know what I'm doing with it and asked for a replacement. I'm waiting on it to get to them now and they'll ship me a new one. I'm HOPING that this new board will solve the problem and I'll be able to actually USE my laptop.
ADDENDUM: YAY! I finally got a replacement for the faulty System Board that works! I've been dying to re-play Dead Space 2 and finally can! :D

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