Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Update your WallMarket.dat and ProudClod.dat files.....

So while doing some digging in the executable I found something rather interesting about the AX damage formulae. Turns out they're directly related to the currently blank "Additional Effects" descriptions. Believe it or not, these formulae are using those effects to alter the damage and power of the attacks! So damage formula A0 uses effect 0A, formula A1 uses effect 0B, etc. Check it all out on the wiki.

Now for the more exciting news. I previously stated to a small number of individuals that adding behaviors based on elements would require handling each attack that used that element. If you want to add a counter for a fire elemental then you'd have to make checks if the previous attack was Fire, Fire 2, Fire 3, Ifrit, or Beta. This isn't that convenient if your weapon has a fire elemental attached to it. You can still do fire damage without causing those attacks. WELL, there happens to be a AI battle address that tells you what elements the attack uses.

2120|Attack Element(s)

You can add that line to the .dat files. Oddly enough, this appears to work just fine, but it's never used in any scripts where it would make sense to use. I know there is some enemy that actually does a check if the previous attack is Fire, Fire 2, etc to see if it was attacked by a fire elemental. Like I said before, it won't know if a fire-imbued weapon attacks it though.

That's not all either! There's another address of interesting note. The Attack Properties also get a varible!

2160|Attack Properties

That's the same as the Special Attack Flags as it's labeled in the wiki. This has the potential of determining a few things like if the attack damaged MP, HP was drained, it was a critical hit, etc. Counters can get even more complex now with all this new info. There might even be one for statuses that the attack inflicts or heals. I know there are still at least two values that aren't known that the game DOES point to. There's a 2170 and a 2180 that I don't know what they do. I'll have to look it over.

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