Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let the FF9 reversing commence

A little side-project for the moment is I'm trying to help gjoerulv figure out the CRC checks on the save games. Initial feeling is "hopeful".

I found the "Data corrupted." text. It's at 0x00112D81 in the FF9.IMG file. I'm not sure what that translates to in PSX address or how to get to that, but I'm getting closer. ;)

Let's see if it will let me save this.
That text is located in FFIX.IMG:Dir00/File39h/0x02B0. Relative Location is 0x0290 and some index of constant strings I don't remember.


  1. Does it mean that you stopped working on WM / PrC ? :(

  2. Stopped? No. Slowed down? Yes. Unfortunately, this went nowhere. I'm still working on trying to get WM to love me again. New version is still pending.