Monday, January 24, 2011

A "fix" to the embarassing error

Apparently, someone got me to take a closer look at what was happening. As it turns out (I believe), the whole "text from the WallMarket.dat file" thing is screwed up. I only did that for people that wanted to use a different font type and I never got around to implementing that exactly. What I'm going to do next is create a default font face based on the game's used font and allow users to substitute their own in there. That would eliminate a LOT of processing when saving text because it will be saved as binary already and won't have to go through decoding/encoding when loading stuff. That will likely cut down on loading time immensely. Expect that to take a while in coming though. I only vaguely remember my PoC working, but I haven't done anything to WM or PrC that relates to it.

On another note, I'm happy to announce that I've finally ordered a new laptop! This will replace the four year old one whose screen barely works with a pretty snazzy one. I feel a little traitorous because it's an HP (for now anyway) and I don't really like buying computers from corporations. I don't have much choice anymore sadly. No one really "builds" laptops from the ground up. :( Here's hoping this one lives up to what I want out of it.

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