Thursday, March 25, 2010

Your patience has paid off!!

I finally finished the tweaks I was planning to WM and PrC. They should both run faster and lighter (you might not notice the lighter, but it's there). PrC has a few tiny new features that I doubt anyone will notice unless I point them out.

New to PrC:
Battle Preview has been changed and there are more options for editing positions and camera and such. I'll let you figure out what they are.
Searching for unused indexes doesn't take as long as it used to and it won't make a box that fills the screen.

New to WM:
Curves will report who is using them.
Initial equipment materia can be viewed just by moving the cursor over the materia picture! Makes it easier to see who has what.

Fixes to both:
Strings in the AI work now! I was accidentally blanking them out in PrC and not saving them correctly in either. It's all good now. :D

A few things more should be in each one, but nothing spectacular. I think everything saves correctly. I'm not entirely certain, so if you find something that you changed but didn't save let me know. The new code they both use can get a bit tricky.


  1. I downloaded the Proud Clod program alright and I placed the zlib1.dll in the Windows/System32 folder but an error came up saying "The application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135)." I'v tried both version and this still happened.

  2. Oh never mind, I just figured out my problem. Apparently my system was lacking a binary .net framework 3.0. I installed that and now all the programs can run smoothly. Thank you anyways for the work you would have done to help me solve this =P