Saturday, March 20, 2010

Getting closer. Two things I'd like to share...

So I want everyone to know at least two things:

1. I'm not dead.

2. I'm still making minor adjustments to WM and PrC. My biggest inspiration came today for little changes in PrC that I hadn't considered before. Some will seem pointless; Others have been long overdue. WM is getting a few minor feature additions as well. Some of which I've already described. The most important thing is that the AI editing be correct. That's always the oddest thing about these programs. The system I created to use it is, well, unique. No one can really tell me the best way to do it because it's never been done. In fact, at this moment (literally while I was writing this post), I've come up with a new way of doing it I'd like to try. Hopefully it will speed up the display and changing of values and such. However, I'll save that attempt for a later version and just get this one pumped out. I THINK I finished it yesterday afternoon, but I had to leave it in a hurry so I didn't get to test it. It's not likely going to be tested thoroughly before I update it so if you get it you should definitely save the version 1.3.3 that's up now. I'll leave the links where they are and just add 1.4.0 to the list. Code changed EVERYWHERE in WM and only on the formation page (and a little extra elsewhere) in PrC. If anyone finds bugs please report them. Preferably as comments to a recent post of mine.

Updates will come soon and I'll post again when they're here.

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