Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finally got to PrC too.

Thanks to some off-time due to a business trip, I managed to "reduce PrC's virtual footprint". It didn't have as big an impact as WM had, but it's still smaller. It lost 79K in size to make it come in at 601K. Pretty good I think. I believe it retains all its original functionality while a few minuscule new features make the process easier to use. For example, using the current version of PrC, try making an attack with an index of 8000h and then searching for unused indexes. Go make a sandwich and come back and see if anything has happened. Maybe it has, but your screen ought to be covered with a single box that looks like it has no end. With the change I recently made that box will never be that large. It will display ranges of empty values rather than listing them 1-by-1. So instead of it saying "0100h, 0101h, 0102h," like it does now, it'll say "0101h - 0102h". Which comes in handy when there's a large range of values that are blank, say "03E2h - 7FFFh" :).

As for string editing in AI, I really haven't addressed that yet. There are so many things that could go wrong with editing AI as it is. I DID, however, add a cancel button to the AI editing. If you make a change that you don't like you can cancel and re-open the window to start editing from the base again.

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