Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Not related...

So yesterday, my not-yet-17mo daughter got a hold of one of my PSP cases that had a game in it. Somehow she got the case open, got the game out and closed the case. So what is the first thing she decides to do with her new treasures? She puts the game in her mouth (thankfully psp games are very hard to damage by physical contact) and begins shaking the case up and down while shaking her head side to side. She apparently thinks this is the funniest thing she's ever done by herself and begins giggling like crazy at this new coordination she didn't know she had. My wife (who is the only one with her) hears this and realizes something suspicious is going on and promptly takes both things away and calls me at work to tell me to put my things up. I can't help but laugh that it happened and be sad that I don't have any evidence of it other than her word. This is likely the funniest thing she'll do all year and I missed it. :(


  1. Dude! I started to read and had to stop, afraid that something terrible might have happened to your daughter :O
    Needless to say, I was reassured when I read the rest. But yeah, little children do strange things, trying to eat weird stuff, etc etc. I'm just glad she didn't swallow the disc and didn't end up in the hospital !

    And don't worry : I'm pretty sure she'll do many funnier -and less dangerous- things in the future :)

  2. ima say this chances are your gonna have alot of those moments and the more mobile they get the more frequent

    kids keep things interesting