Friday, January 18, 2013

After how many months...

Finally got around to opening PrCMDI's source and started tinkering again. Biggest reason why I didn't do anything before is I was crashing the designer with a custom control that I finally figured out was creating an infinite loop. I've since solved this and all attack data is correctly being processed by the appropriate window. I'm going to finish the enemy data window next. That probably won't take as long now that SpooX has posted a pretty recent PDF with the contents of the wiki. After that it's formations then a lot of GUI cleaning before a public beta! It sounds like fewer steps than it is so be patient. :) WM is fairing pretty well, but the source is in terrible shape. I mean, which would you rather have? A single 448K file with 80% of the source code in it or 28 organized files totaling 286K containing all the source in it? Needless to say it's very difficult to navigate and find where certain things are happening that need changing. Still, it's mostly ready for release. After two more adjustments it's done and I'm finished with it.

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