Friday, December 10, 2010


Rejoice! I actually did something! DLBP from qhimm contacted me two days ago and requested that enemies be able to be synced across the scene.bin. So I did. Since I was able to copy/paste enemies already (although they should really be called "actors") I just used that to copy the enemy data and AI and replace others using the same model. THAT'S THE TRICK, THOUGH. Every enemy uses a different model number even if the contents of the models are identical. There are at least six different Chocobo models alone and all of them are identical except for the files that contain them. Obviously you wouldn't want to replace the Wonderful Chocobo with the Poor one, so I'm going to have to restrict it by model ID. Characters of the same model ID can be synced with its copies. For example, Grunt (model ID of 0013h) exists in eight different scenes. I want to modify all of them, but to keep it straight I can now just modify one and say "sync all enemies with model ID 0013h". It's actually a rather quick process and I'm pleased with it's performance.

If another custom enemy is using that model it will be replaced, name and all! The way to prevent that is set the custom enemy to some bogus model number (which is being moved to the new stat editing screen) and then do the replacement then switch the custom enemy back.


  1. Hello!
    Congratulation for your awesome work. But I wish ask some thinks... Where can I join you? email?

  2. You should subscribe. I get notification when people post things and I'm updating this more frequently than what I do on Qhimm's.

  3. In fact I'm looking for doing some modification to the PSX version of FFVII and i have some questions about its Isohacking.
    Can you send me an email? Cause I can't see yours. (If you want help me of course) ;).

  4. I know nothing about isohacking. I only have the PC version and it doesn't require re-packing. You should take your question to There are lots of people that who have done this and already tutorials on how to do it. Just be sure to search first, they're not very forgiving of people who don't search for a question before asking.

  5. As your WM program can decrypt the kernel.bin of the psx version, I hoped you can help me. About the forum I have tried to subscribe but I'm still awaiting admin approval...
    In all case, thanks for your answers ;)