Thursday, December 9, 2010

Long overdue news

You ready for this? I got nothing. Really. This has been a tough last quarter-year for me and I haven't had the chance to even look at the code for either WM or PrC. I was taking a class that just ended today, I had two (sort of, it's complicated) deaths in the immediate family within a week of each other, my lappy's finally hit the big one, and I got a new laptop at work which won't take my external backup of my older one that had all my FFVII reversing info on it.

I'm not back to square one or anything, but I haven't had IRL time to devote thought to these projects. Hopefully, come the new year I'll be less constrained and have a new laptop.

I haven't given up on or lost motivation any of this. There just technically isn't time to do anything with it.

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