Friday, September 24, 2010

See? I still got it.

I've modified the Materia Tab in the spirit of the Attack, Item, and Weapon Tags. The Materia Type is to be split into two types. Materia type is handled in this way.

So I just looked back into the function that finds orphan AI lines. An orphan AI line is one that can't be called because there's no jump to it and the code always jumps around it. It happens in quite a few AIs. I just found at least seven in Eligor's Main script. Why did I bother identifying 7 lines out of over two hundred? Because by deleting those 7 lines the AI disassembly works the way it ought to. Errant jumps always made it spasm and think there are too many if statements and go all wacky.

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  1. Hey, it is great to hear that you managed to make the disassembly work :D
    Congrats ! ^^