Friday, June 18, 2010

Forgot to Publish this post.....

Whoops. I started to write this yesterday but forgot to hit the "Publish Post" button. It's important too because I need some feedback.

In the spirit of my last post I've started allowing enemy stats to be edited. Problem is, enemies already have a window devoted to attacks and animations and the like. In order for it to be as editable as possible, I'd like to have it all enemy-related data be on one window. Problem is that's a LARGE window for all that. :( These have been important features of PrC for a while too so I don't want to bury them deeper. Re-arranging these things the way I REALLY want them to be would be a nightmare. It can be done, but that means changing almost EVERY layout and making everything larger. I may do something like that in the future since I need some MDI practice, but let's focus on the present for now.

I did away with the "Edit AI" and "Animation/Formation" buttons. They were always an eyesore to me. Instead I made new menu options that contain them. Now it'll take two clicks to get to each of these instead of one, but I don't see that as being a horrible thing.

So the feedback I need is this: should I try to combine the animations page with the stat page or just make links to them both from the other?

Also, for item drops/steals/morphs I have it ready to open a KERNEL.BIN/kernel2.bin file to read the item names. I don't want to use the stock names (especially in English) so I suppose I have to load these. Should I make it mandatory? If I do that, why not copy the attack data from the KERNEL.BIN attacks and make those static within the scenes that contain them?


  1. Hi, this is armorvil. Sorry I forgot about visiting your blog, these days :/

    Anyways, I really like the idea of the editing of stats being on the same page as the animations. I really don't know what stock names are, so I can't help you there - but I like the idea of PrC opening the kernel for the item names.

    And yeah, copying attack data from the kernel is also a good idea - I just hope it wouldn't lead to bugs :/

    ...And man, you posted this on 06/18 and not a single comment ? This is kinda depressing. I think the reason is that very few people know it exists : the link to your blog is kinda hidden.

  2. What I mean by "stock names" are the names the vanilla English game uses. Using those would be fine, for English speakers. I'm trying to make this as language-independent as possible. And this would especially cause problems if the user made new items via WM and couldn't remember which old item became which new item.

    As for the attacks, all it would do is lock editing if the index was less than 0100h. They'd still be able to change the index, but not the data. The data would be copied straight from the KERNEL.BIN too. Same deal there. If someone changed Fire 3 in the KERNEL.BIN, they'd need to know that it will behave that way when they're editing the enemies too.

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