Monday, April 12, 2010

Getting closer to a new feature for PrC!

So as per Terence Fergusson's post about Battle Specific AI I've created a new function to allow the editing of such. All it does at the moment is view the AI.

Check it out!

A few things about WM are fixed, but not yet released.
1. Now the objects won't stay disabled when moving from attack tab to another tab if the attack's index is greater than 127.
2. Item Cams now show the correct camera anim index (they were incorrect in a few instances I hope no one ran into). They are saving correctly in version 1.4.0, it's just switching between tabs that might cause a few problems.
3. TFergusson also clued me into why his and my HP values weren't agreeing (see aforementioned post). I was performing the entire calculation in floating point scope until the end. That apparently changes the range of values quite a bit. After I rounded a specific number down I got much closer to his numbers. I'm not spot-on because "achieving max HP requires that you must take lower than max gains at some levels...." This is apparently true also for some min values. However, I don't really care enough to go through EVERY permutation looking for the highest and lowest values per level. For some levels that would mean following almost a thousand potential branches. The projected ranges are now within 8 HP (in most cases 5 or less) of his calculated values at level 99 so I don't really see a need to get mine to sync perfectly with his. His are more accurate, but WM's are only for a general idea of how the stats will increase.

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