Monday, December 7, 2009

No New Game+ :(

Thanks to some help I managed to find the initial point where the new game data gets dumped into. Aali told me that in the US ff7pc v1.02 this map begins at memory address 0xDBFD38. Sure enough, that's where I found it all! Seems easy enough to copy and put into a save file with other initial data from the KERNEL.BIN and such. Well, turns out it's not so easy. The game is supposed to load a save game and "pick-up" where it left off. Problem is that since my initial game didn't have any "this point here" data like the game assumed a save file SHOULD have it crashes and dies. I had assumed that it would load the data, put it all in its proper place, then start the game mode based on that data. Turns out to be wrong. I think the most thing is that continuing a game can't start with an FMV like the game starts out with. Also, there is no condition in continuing a game to start at the beginning where there's no save point at all.

So it looks like there's every reason to believe that it CAN'T work without modding the executable. I don't want to do that so the "New Game+" project is officially ended (by me).

Back to Dissidia for me....

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