Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy Birthday WallMarket!!...almost

Four years ago, WM was in the middle of beta testing. It's gone through a lot of iterations and bug fixes to get where it's at. It still has some issues, but I'm still proud of it. I created it because I wanted to start a new game of FFVII and I learned there wasn't a tool that would let me have more materia links on the Buster Sword. After googleing my way on to the forums at qhimm I discovered what it was partly known and contributed much to what wasn't. Good times. Back to the point of this blog. So in the interrim between Skyrim and Black Mesa: Source not much has happened at all. I keep picking up PrCMDI and deciding that lots of things need to be restructured. Real life work is picking up, my daughter is starting to walk, lots of things are happening that demand my attention. This being a personal project is lowest priority to me. It still has the potential to be the greatest modding tool FFVII will ever see, but it's going to take a while in the making.


  1. So, how close is the PrCMDI implementation to the app you wrote four years or so ago? I know the UI is very different, but is the application otherwise still fairly recognizable, or is this a total rewrite?

    1. This is virtually a re-write. There's a little copy/pasting going on, but since I'm breaking everything up into smaller pieces and making dozens of custom classes it's almost like nothing's the same.