Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Belated Happy New Year, faithful WM/PrC users! In celebration of the New Year, I'm going through and cleaning some code oddities in WM. This should do four things:

1. Make the overall size of the executable smaller

2. Reduce the amount of system memory needed to run it

3. Increase initial load time

4. Make changing through tabs a little easier on the display

You won't likely see any new features, but bug fixes will be implemented. One glaring one of which is the sound shift error. I mistakenly assigned it the wrong value so it wasn't saving correctly. There have also been errors involving using opcode 93 in PrC and I think that exists in WM too. That'll be addressed as well.

Anyway, keep an eye out. WM v1.4 is coming soon!*

* - cosmologically relative


  1. Hello, I'm an spanish fan of FF games. I have a problem with WM. If I modify the element of Bahamut ZERO and put holy or fire in attack and matter section, when I use Bahamut ZERO in the game against monsters that absorbs the element, the attack hurts them and they lose HP.
    Could you help me?

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  3. I found the problem. I used an emulator of PSX and saved the state with F1 button but not in the memory card of the emulator. Then, when I load the game(with new changes in kernel.bin), I load the state and there wasn't changes.
    When I load the game in the memory card of the emulator the changes affected the game.